Rainbow Words

Rainbow Words are the sight words that your child will learn throughout the year.  Approximately every month (as the class is ready) I introduce a new list.  We review these words daily in a variety of ways. 

Every week I check each child on this list and celebrate each child's accomplishments.  Students are always encouraged to keep practicing words they are not quite sure of yet.  

There are 6 lists total and as each list is introduced, you will receive a 'home letter' (also posted below) that tells you the list and several ideas as to how you can 'practice' the words with your child.  This is one more great way to reinforce the home-school relationship with your child! 

As your child learns each list of words, we will have a mini-celebration in class and a certificate will be sent home.  If there are words that your child is still working on, I will send home a paper asking for your help in practicing those words.   

I love how the individual 'check-ins' with each child help me to know each student's learning needs better and help to guide my instruction.  When we start, lists are short and the time between lists may be longer.  Throughout the year, our lists lengthen and students tend to progress much more quickly.  I have seen great success when using Rainbow Words in correlation with our other reading instruction methods and I look forward to using it again this year!