Monday, November 7, 2016

Our First Field Trip!

We had so much fun at the Piggy and Elephant play today!  Lots of laughs, fun music and a bus couldn't have been better!

Friday, November 4, 2016

50th Day of School!

50s Day for our 50th Day!

We will be celebrating our 50th day of school on TUESDAY, November 15th.    To do so, we will be having 50s day.  We have lots of fun activities planned including a Race to 50 and Rock-n-Roll Patterns to work on math skills.  We will be listening to 50s music and having a mini “sock hop.”     We invite your child to dress in 50s attire for the day! 

We will be having a Coke Float as a little snack (along with some sink/float predictions) to add to the celebration. If you would prefer for your child not to take part in this treat, please be sure to let us know in advance.  Thank you! 

We look forward to celebrating with your child!
McDill Kindergarten Teachers 


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pumpkin Carving!

One of the many FUN learning opportunities we had this month was PUMPKIN CARVING!  We worked in teams to decide what kind of face we wanted our pumpkins to have and then scoop and carve them.  We enjoyed talking about how the seeds and 'guts' felt, smelled and looked.  We each took a turn (or several) to scoop out the insides and then everyone had a turn to help carve out the face.  Special thanks to Mrs. Handrich, Miss Staehler, and Mrs. Wilson for their help on this project!

And here are the final products!