Monday, September 19, 2016

The Beginnings of Reading!

Hopefully you heard your child talking about practicing READING last week!  Yes, we have been kindergartners for only 12 days and we are already working on reading.  What this looks like right now is: practicing reading (looking at wordless picture books) quietly on our own.  We started at 2 minutes and slowly built up to 12 minutes by the end of last week.  This group has done a phenomenal job!  We talked about the different ways to read a book and how everyone in our room is already a reader because EVERYONE can do at least one of those ways (look at the pictures).  This is why we start with wordless picture books!  This week we will be using the books that we 'shopped' for in our classroom library.  Our goal is to make it to 15 minutes of quiet reading.  Once we have met this goal, I will be able to pull small groups for Guided Reading instruction and do the assessments that need done in kindergarten!

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