Thursday, June 28, 2012

Books, Books, Books!

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Ok, so who doesn't love a great deal!?  However, when I find books for my kiddos (either in my classroom or at home) I kind of become a sucker...a book is the ONE thing that I find a hard time not purchasing if I find a great one, or one of particular interest to my kiddos.  But when I find awesome books AND get a great price, how could I possibly turn that down, right!?  So we go, my central Wisconsin parents...I'm going to let you in my secret (if you haven't discovered it yourself already).  I have found MANY great books at great prices at Big Lots AND Dollar General!  $3.00 or less at Big Lots for hard cover books like The Story of Rosa Parks (for the classroom) and a book about Tractors, for my Jack :), plus several others.  We found one called Wide Awake Jake (so cute!) that was perfect for my Jack too...about a little boy who can't fall asleep and keeps coming downstairs (tell me I'm not the only parent who goes through that!!)  We also got one that was an Alphabet of Animals with fantastic illustrations and it even came with a CD and a poster.  For $3.00!  My kiddos LOVED it!  At Dollar General I found books for $1.00 about the classroom, at the table, in the library (thought I could use these at school and at home!).  Yes, I am a children's book junkie, but really, at these prices, who could turn them down!?
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