Saturday, June 23, 2012

FREE Labels & Notes!

Hello Parents!  Have I found something fun for you!  I actually stumbled upon this little gift and planned to use it for my own child as she enters her kindergarten year, but then thought 'Hey, what a great thing for ALL parents!  I must share!' it is, and a FREEBIE no less!  What could be better!  These little labels can be printed on label paper and stuck to a baggie or envelope as shown OR printed on regular printer paper and stapled/paper clipped to a baggie/envelope.  Perfect for field trip money, lunch money, school store money, etc....all those little things that have a way of finding their own 'home'.  :)    Click on the picture to go to the blog that offered this amazing printable!  There is actually another little gift there, as well.  She has also designed a very cute, printable, FREE 'note for school' which is just as great and includes all those 'details' that you may not have time to write on a busy morning. 
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